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Monday, April 19, 2010

facebooking aimlessly...

I've been wasting time on facebook again.. Yes, i know i have 2 more assignments to complete, and i have 1 more law essay to attempt.. But i'm not comfortable have I not had my "facebook time". Is this becoming an addiction? NO... I guess not, 'coz most of the time I'm on farmville, fishville, cafe world.. A person has to have pets :P. After all, most of my friends are on facebook most of the time.. it's become a more reliable communication medium than texting. So many times i've texted, and they don't reply for hours.. while on facebook? the reply is almost immediate.. Is it the same with you guys?

blogging intro :)

Hi, my name's Asmi.
Am just a regular student at university, 21 of age.
I've been an aspiring blogger for quite a while now, but for some reason or the other i've been putting off registering... I thought it'd take too much time.. too much maintenance.. too many things to do apart from that.. I'm not some1 who can sit quiet for long: I've never been able to watch a whole movie on TV.. :P
apart from that I'm really lazy, and bad at keeping deadlines.. hehe
i wasn't sure I'd be able to keep posts going..
but considering how much time i was spending on facebook and assignments, which, for me meant sitting in front of the pc for hours.. i thought: "why not?"

so.. this is it.. my blog :)